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Wether you have a family reunion, birthday, wedding, or corporate event; let Fronczek Photography capture the moment for you. With our unique eye for capturing the emotion and humanity of the event, you will have publication ready, quality images.


Family portraiture isn't limited to a studio setting. Exploring locations to establish a family narrative that tells your friends who you really are.


I am in the process of creating print packages. I firmly believe the best way to show off you images is to have physical, archival prints. Technology changes and one day, you'll be stuck with whatever it was you opted for. Don't be stuck hanging a floppy disk in a frame to show off your photos. 

Digital Packages

While I believe the best option is print, there is still a need to get digital files. Be it for social media, or sending the annual family newsletter- digital is a good way to expound on you photo experience. My prices for these reflect the work going into the final product and come with a limited release for personal use. 

* Print orders of 16" x 24" and larger come with a complimentary digital file.