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It always begins with a thought—one typically brought about by an event. And this event saw me riding shotgun on a trip from Orlando to Miami with my camera in tow. I rarely have the opportunity to photograph while traveling, as I am usually the one driving, so I took full advantage of the uncommon situation. I had been pursuing my series, Provocative Acuity, for some time and noticed I had the freedom to explore the limits of photography by testing how using motion to represent time could play into this body of work. I find it’s the journey we miss most because we are so focused on what we are going to do upon arrival. We really do tend to forget to “stop and smell the roses.” And under these circumstances, this new series was born.

The former works of Provocative Acuity were born of a series of mishaps and happy accidents. When I set my camera up for a landscape, I always initially fire off from the last camera setting I was in to get a feeling for it. In this case, I was reviewing my images and noticed something different: there was a soft focus which felt so natural and soothing. All of the elements of composition were present save focus. What is focus anyway? I thought. I wear glasses, and at the end of the day when I want to relax, I take them off. It's familiar, it's routine, and most importantly, it signifies I don't have to try to focus on anything any longer and can just be present.

a thin line explores the idea that no matter how hard we try, there is always something we miss—even when we are actively looking. The curiosity of what’s all around when we are just too busy to see what’s right in front of our faces. The comfort of being okay with where you are and just zoning out, absorbing everything all at once without trying to see. For this installment, I want to show the not-so-monotonous way I experience a road trip. The exuberance, chance, color, relaxation, movement, and the many other emotional responses I experience when from going from point A to point B.

2017, Jason Fronczek

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