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Group Project Participation

Joining forces with any group to successfully promote and grow a concept from inception to reality requires teamwork. 

Every individual gives something to the group and it is important to know where one stands in the growth of the venture. Sweat equity can be calculated by tabulating the efforts an individual contributes - be it transportation, proofing/editing documents before delivery, or just throwing suggestions for marketing on the table in a brainstorm session. By keeping track of the contributions you make, you can assess the relative compensation due when the project launches and becomes a reality. 

This is my contribution list to Sustainable Living: Building Community Resilience, Project EASY (Environmentally Aware Sustainable Youth).

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Jason Fronczek - game concept design team

Assumed Group lead for team two of this project and established a safe social media platform to allow easy communications between parties before submitting details and proposals to project manager. 

Acted as liaison to the project manager for beginning sequence of project.

Noticed the similarities in teams one & two, suggested merger to achieve a greater end product by capitalizing on strengths of one team filling in for the weaknesses of the other team and vice-verse. Stepped down as team lead to allow for more qualified person to take charge.

Established rudimentary concepts for interactive game design presenting a before and after picture of value for implementing sustainability suggestions from the website into personal habits. 

Designed and printed display board for STEM presentation detailing key components of teams ideology and site mechanics. Presentation was awarded the Peer Choice Award.

Led design team for game concept, delegated the design of various icons used to represent areas where players could implement change (as suggested within website). Published onto website the powerpoint slideshow demonstrating and explaining game mechanics.

Maintained communications throughout project across social media and collaborative platforms ensuring everyone was involved and updated throughout the process.

Chaired group meetings keeping focus on what 'next-steps' were needed to ensure success.

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